Custom Designs
At Richard's Custom Marine we provide the very best marine workmanship and service for our clients.

10845687_366574790206373_327294489356529789_oI have with my team done some really nice projects over the years. I always try to do the projects that they look part for the boat, not an add-on done in an afternoon, but with much thought and care.

The picture to the right, is a pedestal that I modified from the original Beneteau Pedestal. This is done with a flat honeycomb plate of carbon fibre and plywood backing, with a teak faceplate. There is an autopilot hidden away inside this pedestal which is chain driven to the steering gear. The switches you see to the port of the steering helm, control relays housed in the starboard locker ( I put a note inside the housing, like a message in a bottle, that if you don’t know what you are looking at, do not touch ), but with a single control cable, to these switches I control all the electronics through these relays.

The reason, I explain this here, is to give you an idea, of how I work. I give you the very best. Something that you can show off at a party, and say, look at what Richard did, how cool is that!

So as you review this website, take the time to really look at the pictures, look at the thought and the detail that went into each project that I have done.